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Waterloo Container takes pride on providing customers with the best possible bottling experience.

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Learn some box basics with Waterloo Container's helpful education page.
Learn a little about Sparkling Methods
Bubbly beverage products are showing up everywhere, with every varietal and style being carbonated to react to the trend.
Learn about natural cork benefits and options
Three things to think about during the pandemic related supply shortage
The planners will come out on top in the inevitable packaging wars.
Increase your bottle selection options through Repack
Waterloo Container offers on-site repack service. This means we can take bulk or boxed glass and move it to other configurations or custom boxes.
Waterloo Container is your Packaging Partner
The first step to a successful package is finding the right packaging partner.
How to select the right bottle and closure.
Glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect packaging choice for today’s products.
Plan Ahead, Let Us Know, Check Carefully!
How do you choose the correct cork for desired aging or look?
Forecast to make sure we have what you need when you need it!
Forecasting is a way of managing your glass needs. A Customer Service Rep or Sales Associate will work one on one with you to determine your needs for the coming year.
Visually stunning, lighter-weight bottles designed with the environment in mind.
Waterloo Container is your Packaging Partner
When you choose a cap or closure for your product, you are determining how the wine will be opened and how the top of the primary package will look. Inside screw caps and continuous thread closures there is often a liner.
Looking to use a screw cap instead of a cork? It is crucial that you match the closure to the bottle finish.
Let us help you choose what's best for you!
A Bordeaux bottle (like our W5) has pronounced shoulders at the bottom of the neck. A Burgundy style (like our W6) has a less pronounced shoulder to it. A Hock style, (like our W13 or W82) is usually long and thin, with the neck gradually sloping into the body.
Waterloo Container is your one-stop-shop for closures
A straight cork has a definite edge to both sides. The chamfered corks edges are beveled, creating a smoother rounded edge.
We frequently offer transition glass when we are able to get it from our factories.
When glass manufacturers change their tanks from one color to another, the bottles that are produced between the "true" colors are called transition glass.
Make your wine look more high-end with a punt
Historically, punts were a function of wine bottles being made by glassblowers. Having a punt on the bottom means the bottle must be taller to hold the same volume.