The New Packaging Reality

Three things to think about during the pandemic related supply shortage

The Shortage is Real

There is a lot of press recently (Forbes and the Washington Post and MSNBC included) reporting on the glass supply shortage which is wreaking havoc on large and small wineries and distilleries across the US.  Many factors are contributing to the shortage, everything from dock strikes to factory shutdowns and lack of staffing.  Delays in all types of freight and shipping are compounding the problem – even if you can buy the glass, you cannot rely on the delivery dates or cost at time of delivery due to surcharges and tariffs.  Sourcing from a stocking distributor (and not a broker) is one way to alleviate the worry about when or if you will have the glass you need.  We know what we have on the shelves ready to ship and our buying power and partnerships with glass factories and freight companies means you can get an honest look at what will be available when you need it

Back to Basics 

At tradeshows and on the phone, we frequently hear “I want our bottle to look different”.  It is only natural to want to stand out on the shelf.  However, today’s packaging market is “different” than anything we have experienced before.  Even those willing to pay the premium to procure a unique mold or shape may be in for a surprise when it comes to getting the packaging they pick. It may be time to consider going back to a basic shape or style – which will continue to be the most stocked, most produced, and most available bottles for everyone during these strange times.  Use your label or outer packaging to make a statement while taking the safe route to ensure a more reliable and constant glass supply.

Forecast or be forgotten. 

Packaging is quickly becoming a competitive “commodity”.  The planners will come out on top in the inevitable packaging wars.  Closure, Cardboard and Glass manufacturers alike are requiring forecasts well in advance.  We purchase all our stock items in large quantities and can store your packaging in our many warehouses to make this process easier for you.  Work with any member of our team to create a realistic forecast for YOUR needs so we can get all your packaging components into OUR forecasts with the vendors in the US and abroad. 

Use our helpful forecasting worksheet to get planning for next year!

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