Eco Series

Our suppliers have a commitment to sustainability, which motivates them to develop effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the environment. The ECO series includes innovative bottles designed with sustainability in mind. These lighter-weight bottles are created using fewer raw materials (as much as 75% recycled glass) and less energy to produce and transport, while maintaining the desired strength and aesthetics.

For you, our customer, this means that you will be using the same sturdy, high-quality glass that you are used to getting from Waterloo Container. Eco is a very popular series with many of our customers because the lighter weight means lower freight costs while maintaining the strength and aesthetics of the glass. These bottles are also a perfect fit for those looking for sustainably-made products.

Our major glass supplier, Ardagh, achieved 2022 Gold level certification by EcoVadis. This rating includes assessment of a company’s performance in the area of Environment and Sustainable Procurement. Effective environmental management systems are in place at all Ardagh sites with the goal of reducing negative environmental impact whilst remaining economically sustainable and socially responsible.  Learn more at!our-environmental-initiatives

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