Over the years our dedication to our customers has inspired some great relationships.  

We have some great case studies and testimonials to prove it!
Here is what our biggest fans have to say:

Pleasant Valley Wine Company

We know we can count on the packaging products provided by Waterloo Container, and their industry knowledge is important to us. If they know there may be a supply issue that could affect our productions they work with us to find a pro-active solution.

Matthew Healy – Director of Sales and Marketing, Pleasant Valley Wine company

Brotherhood Winery

I can contact them at any time of the day, and they always ensure that we’re supplied with what we need – that’s the most important thing to us. We’ve never run out of glass or any other supplies since we started working with them many years ago.

Samuel Eaton – Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, Brotherhood Winery


Chalet Debonne Vineyards

In my opinion, the biggest thing they have to offer is their customer service. They understand the importance of relationships, and I trust them because of their reputation of being solid, honest business people over the last 30-40 years we’ve been working with them. They have some really loyal people that are willing to go the extra mile for their company and their clients. I always recommend Waterloo Container.

Tony DeBevc – Owner, Chalet DeBonne Vineyards

Blue Steel Vodka

I called Waterloo to reorder bottles, bottles we have been using since our distillery opened. Unfortunately the manufacturer was moving their operations and with other factors involved there was no way to get these bottles into our hands.  Lucky for us Shannon and the Waterloo team were able to help us very quickly and provide options and pricing on what would become our new bottle.  They transferred all the artwork and were able to get us samples to sign off on and get the project going extremely fast.  Bottom line, the new bottle looks fantastic and had them in hand quickly with no issues.  They helped solve a problem I didn’t know even existed and produced a brand new bottle in no time.  Great communication and feedback.  Big shout out to Waterloo Container for keeping our vodka flowing! 

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance
The Fingerlakes Wine Alliance can always count on the team at Waterloo Container.  Bill has been a longstanding supporter and proponent of Fingerlakes wines – even when there were only 12 wineries in the Finger Lakes!  We are thrilled to have him and the company continue to support the growth of the region.
Tracy Dello Stritto – Executive Director
Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars

Waterloo Container is a one-stop-shop for our packaging needs. They are the first people I contact for new projects. They have bottles, boxes and closures in a wide selection of all shapes, sizes and colors. They warehouse most items and we can get what we want, how many we want, when we want it.

Steve Cromwell, Production & Supply Chain Manager
Raven’s Glenn
I wanted to personally reach out and sincerely thank you for the strong partnership we have developed since I have come on board at Raven’s Glenn Winery.  I learned a great deal by talking with the Waterloo Container Team. You have given me lots of ideas how we can grow in the future.
Matt Baldwin, Director of Sales and Distribution
Heron Hill Winery
Being a family owned business in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Heron Hill has partnered with Waterloo Container, a family owned business, for four decades. Waterloo Container has become our largest supplier partner through consistent service, selection and pricing. Creating excellent value. The service and value created by the Lutz family and account Manager George Hall allows Heron Hill to focus on creating world class wines with Finger Lakes heritage.
Eric Frarey – Managing Partner
Swedish Hill

Looking back over the past 30 years that we have been in the wine business, we remember when sourcing winery supplies was often difficult as few companies were interested in dealing with the fledgling wineries in the Finger Lakes. We established a relationship with Waterloo Container early on and have been a customer ever since.  They have been the source for nearly all of our bottles, and many of our closures and capsules as well. Prices have always been very competitive and they are quick to respond to any problems and concerns. Not only that, but Waterloo Container has been a great supporter of the wineries that they represent and of the wine industry in general through sponsorship of many events and organizations of importance to the industry, as well as issues of importance to the local community.

Dave Peterson, President and Co-Owner
Three Brothers Wineries and Estates
Working with Waterloo Container has been a blessing to our business.  The customer service that we receive is exceptional and the support that they lend to our wine community is commendable.  We know that Waterloo Container supports some pretty large accounts, but we never feel that our small business takes second seat when it comes to service and delivery.  We’re thankful that this is one component of our business that is easy and seamless; we’d recommend Waterloo Container to any of our colleagues.
Erica Paolicelli, Partner
Franklin Hill Vineyards

We have done the research and there are no container companies that can compare to Waterloo Container.  Waterloo has an inventory that meets all of our bottle needs,  they deliver promptly and efficiently and there is FREE Shipping! With the quality and variety of their products and their amazing customer service we have found the best with Waterloo Container!

Adirondack Winery

“The pinnacle of customer service is what Waterloo Container has been for our winery. The entire team is superb at communication, problem solving and genuinely wanting to help our business succeed and grow. Time and time again our bottles and supplies are delivered promptly as promised and for that, we are grateful and look forward to many more years of a strong relationship”

Le Tre Sorelle
Making homemade wine has been a generational tradition in my family for many years.  Living just a 45 minute drive from Waterloo Container is a blessing.  My 3 daughters (tre sorelle) are always excited to select bottles and corks for each years vintage.  Whether visiting the company showroom, or viewing and selecting different bottles and corks online, it is something my girls always look forward to.  We are always treated as if our order is just as important as a huge company’s shipment.  Central New York is wine country, and Waterloo Container is at the heart of it.
Black Hills Contraband Distillery

When i first contacted Waterloo Container, i was shocked that an actual person answered the phone!  I mean i am used to getting 10 minutes of robo directory before you can get to a real person.  Not only did I get to talk to a real person but she was extremely helpful and answered all my questions, but the real icing on the cake so to say was the fact that they saved me 50% on my order compared to the previous company i had been using for the last 6 years.  Needless to say, they are now my goto place for all my bottling needs for my Distillery. So when it comes to customer service, quality, and pricing they are hands done the best you will find in this market!!

Shulze Winery

From our beginnings in 2007, the experience we have had at Waterloo have been great! The team is professional and very knowledgeable about the process and products. If there are any questions or issues, communication is clear and issues are solved. They have guided us in quality and given us ways to save money from the easy website to free shipping.  

VentiSei Winery
Thank you for all your help.  The way you and your company have treated our small business is wonderful, we can’t thank you enough.
Rick Flora – Winemaker
Glenora Wine Cellars

Glenora has been a long standing customer of Waterloo Container for many years we have found them to be honest, reliable and hardworking.  They always go out of their way to make sure the customer receives the product they are looking for, even if it is only one item or a full truck load they will make it happen for you. The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable and eager to help to make sure the customer gets the product on time.
I have known Bill for a very long time I still remember when he was driving trucks and making delivers to Glenora. Waterloo plays a big role in making the Finger Lakes Wine Region what it is today and will continue to be in the future.

Tracey Miller, Production Manager
Baltic Mill Winery

“Great service, quality and reasonable pricing. We couldn’t ask for more.”

We have a small four year old winery in Ohio. We are currently producing about 3500 gallons per year. I started purchasing our bottles from a winery supply warehouse. The quality was good [as the bottles actually came from Waterloo through the warehouse], but to make this cost effective I had to pick up and deliver myself. I could only haul a little more than a pallet at a time and wasted two hours driving the round trip. Because we lack a forklift I had to manually unload the pickup truck and rebuild the pallet in the winery.

We also tried two other bottle suppliers that would deliver. One would deliver only on his schedule, so we never knew when or if we would get bottles. The other offered great prices and free delivery, but terrible quality. We had an extraordinary amount of breakage and problems when corking and uncorking. Customers complained they couldn’t pull the corks, of course this was very problematic.

About the time we were dealing with the above quality problems a Waterloo sale rep made a call on our Winery. He explained their free delivery program with Moffett service and we were sold. Great service, quality and reasonable pricing. We couldn’t ask for more.

Dan Garver – Owner
« Baltic Mill Winery

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