PVC Capsule SALE

We are offering several of our stock PVC capsules at a reduced price!

  • 4003257S PVC #44 Green Sage Flat w/Rosette Top Disc 30x60mm Cork
  •  4003178S PVC #35 Cream w/Rosette Top Disc 30x60mm Cork
  • 4003367S PVC #13 White Gloss w/Rosette Top Disc 30x60mm Cork
  • 4003152S PVC #29 Orange Burnt Gloss w/Grape Top Disc 32x60mm Cork
  • 4003221S PVC #7 Gold Satin w/Rosette Top Disc 30x60mm ROPP E

These capsules MUST be taken by the BOX to get special pricing!

Contact our friendly Customer Service team at 315-539-3922 today (or email contactus@waterloocontainer.com) to get in on the savings!

All Items listed on the Special Offers page are FOB Waterloo and sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
Save-Save-Save 0.0325 ea MUST take the whole box