CT TE Plastic Knurled caps for sale!


Closeout pricing !


2002676S CT TE 28-360 Plastic Knurled 28mm Gold F828 Lined (FCD)

2002675S CT TE 28-360 Plastic Knurled 28mm White F828 Lined (FCD)

2002674S  CT TE 33-360 Plastic Knurled 33mm White UnLined (FCD)

2002672S  CT TE 28-350 Plastic Knurled 28mm Silver Unlined (FCD)

Contact our friendly Customer Service team at 315-539-3922 today (or email contactus@waterloocontainer.com) to get in on the savings!

Don’t Miss out!

Save Save Save  sale price limited to quantity on hand, when its gone its gone!

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