We are working in many ways to reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving for our future generations by reducing demand for energy and lowering emissions through recycling and sustainable practices; glass packaging helps preserve the planet.

We feature a line of eco-friendly bottles that use less energy and raw materials to produce.
  • All glass is 100% recyclable
  • All of our boxes and partition are 100% recyclable
  • We recycle all of our out dated, over aged and damaged glass and corrugated.
  • We recycle all of our plastic shrink wrap materials.
  • Most of our boxes are made from recycled corrugated.
  • All in-house paperwork is shredded and used as packing material for small shipments.
  • Our tractor trailers are some of the most fuel efficient models available
  • We coordinate deliveries to reduce the amount of time a truck is on the road- reducing fuel emissions and energy consumption.
Our primary glass manufacturer holds 2015 Gold Level Certification by Eco Vadis.

We strive to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by:
  • Ordering a majority of our products from the United States
  • Coordinating our shipments from Europe to maximize cargo space, reducing the number of times the ships travel across the ocean.
  • Coordinating our local and long haul deliveries thus reducing the number of trucks traveling the highways as well as the hours spent on the road.