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Waterloo container is a service oriented complete packaging provider.  Family owned and operated, we are wholly committed to our customers and their packaging needs.  As a stocking distributor, we provide the best in glass packaging and closures, while offering many value-added services to enhance your brand.  
Waterloo Container Company
Let our management team tell you about Waterloo Container in this new artistic video.  Learn how we are a different kind of packaging distributor.  Enjoy the imagery while you explore what Waterloo Container has to offer!
Waterloo Container is Your Partner in Packaging!
Waterloo Container is a premier packaging provider focussing on glass wine, spirits and craft beverage packaging.  We have everything you need to stand out on the shelf and offer an unrivaled customer service experience.


Waterloo Container Provides Package Enhancing Services
Glass Printing at Waterloo Container - Video
Our state of the art glass printing service can help you create a great new look!  Update your brand with colorful environmentally friendly inks, using up to eight colors and 360 degrees of design freedom.  We help you create unique and shelf worthy designs. Your bottles arrive ready to fill saving you time and money!
Shrink Sleeve Application at Waterloo Container - Video
Our high speed shrink sleeve application is just one of the many ways we can help you take your package to the next level.  Replace paper labels with colorful 360 degree designs that enhance the look of any bottle.  Sleeves are applied using steam tunnel technology which works on many bottle shapes and sizes.   Bottles arrive ready to fill, saving you time and money.  Let us help you create a new look with colors, textures and endless design possibilities!

Check out shrink sleeve application here!
Repack Service at Waterloo Container - Video
Repack Service means you get your bottles the way you want them! Save money by only buying what you need - Automated and hand repack service increases your selection and allows for greater customization! 
Domino Case Print Video
Looking for a budget friendly way to get a custom look ?  Waterloo Container now offers basic case printing done right here on our re-pack line.  Low minimum quantities make this a great way for even smaller wineries to get customized!  Highlight your product in the showroom or on the sales floor by adding your basic (one color) logo or text.


Waterloo Container Partners with the Best in the Business
Partnerships: Syracuse Label Shrink Sleeves
Waterloo container can apply your shrink sleeve to almost any bottle you purchase through us!  One of the many reputable vendors we work with in the shrink sleeve business is Syracuse Label and Surround Printing.  They are as committed to your success as we are and we would be happy to provide an introduction to their team.
Check out this news story about their growth and how their capabilities can apply to your upcoming labeling project!