Waterloo Container is your one stop shop for all things packaging. We offer several convenient services to help you manage inventory, get your bottles packaged the way you want, and move your product from our warehouses to your door.
Stand Out with 8 Color Glass Printing
State-of-the-art glass printing adds to shelf appeal!
Shelf Appeal
New Faster Sleeving! We have added a high speed automated sleeve applicator to our steam tunnel line! This faster application saves us time and saves you money!
Secondary Packaging Matters!
With custom packaging, your products can stand out from the others no matter where you take them.
Repack services offer a host of benefits to you!
Our European glass arrives on bulk pallets, not in boxes. Our fully automated repack department carefully inspects the bottles and packs them into cartons.
Seal the Deal
Custom closures give your product a polished look that customers will notice.
Quality Matters Most
Quality at Waterloo goes deeper than our team of QC experts. Our quality department works directly with our manufacturers’ quality specialists to address and resolve every quality issue and claim.
Work with us to store it here.
We offer a variety of services to help you with your inventory.
Easy Shipping
Our fleet of vehicles and their expert drivers are equipped to provide you fast, courteous and dependable service. Serving the Northeastern United States and Canada, we pride ourselves on reasonable service and accommodating our customers – because we succeed when you do.