Our sales and service team can help you arrange freight through your own channels or ours.

Our fleet of vehicles and our expert drivers are equipped to provide you fast, courteous and dependable service. Serving the Northeastern United States and Canada, we pride ourselves on reasonable service and accommodating our customers – because we succeed when you do.

Waterloo drivers can navigate tough driveways and are friendly and helpful, showing our customers the best way to unload their orders and solving issues on the road. Several trucks in our fleet have convenient moffett lift capabilities to take the work out of off loading!

Want to get the best out of your freight experience?  We have put together some great tips on receiving freight.

We currently have 4 fast ship routes in Western New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio which can save our customers money with planned deliveries.  Most routes run every 6 weeks and you may qualify for REDUCED COST delivery with 4 pallets!

  • Green Route – Central and Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Orange Route – Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio
  • Yellow Route – Along I-90 from Buffalo to Sandusky Ohio
  • Purple Route – Covers the Hudson Valley Region of NYS
Map showing arrows indicating freight routes
New Purple Route

Call our Fast Ship route coordinator Caitlin at 315-539-3922 to get on our Orange, Green, Yellow or NEW PURPLE routes today!

*Fuel and Freight Surcharges:

Waterloo Container is fortunate to have our own fleet of trucks which allows us to deliver at convenient schedules and reduced costs to many of our customers. However, as result of rapidly increasing fuel costs imposed on us for both domestic and international products, (as well as the rising price of fuel at the pump) we find we now need to pass some of those increases along to our customers in the form of freight surcharges or changes in pallet delivery pricing for deliveries using our own trucks.  In the coming months you may see these surcharges listed on your invoice, and you may also see a credit allowance (which decreases the surcharge to you)  based on your location and/or whether or not you are on one of our fast-ship routes.   We will continue to monitor the fluctuating fuel costs and hope to return to our normal delivery costs as soon as possible.

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