Custom Closures

Custom closures give your product a polished look that customers will notice. You’ll work closely with us and our suppliers to create a design that fits with your look, adding a logo, phone number or graphic to your closure.

Both Natural and Synthetic corks can be custom printed. Make a statement about your brand at every opportunity with both side and end printing options. We offer top brands like MA Silva natural corks, and you can customize with logos and text to add interest and collectability to cork. Waterloo Container also proudly offers Nomacorc® sustainable Plantcorc wine closures which can also be printed on the sides. 

Heat-shrinkable capsules in PVC are available for bottles of wine, liquors and food products (such as oils and vinegars). These closures are equipped with options such as tear strip opening mechanisms, with or without top-disks, and are available in various heights and colors – all ready for your customization! Metallic and Satin colors are also available to provide a stunning background for your custom design. The combination of custom colors and custom artwork can take your PVC closure to the next level!

Polylaminate caps offer numerous design possibilities for wines, spirits, and sparkling wines. Capsules are easy to use on high-speed capping lines and we offer a full array of decorating possibilities to enhance product presentation. A range of finishes are available and 5 stock colors are readily available. Pantone color matching is also available for endless custom possibilities. Tear-strip options offer clean opening and ease of use. 

We feature fully customizable STELVIN® closures for ease of opening and true package appeal. The STELVIN® closure uses specific liners with a full range of breathability to respect the aging process and deliver uncompromised flavors and aromas. Custom closures are available for wine, sparkling wine, and spirits. Intricate designs are possible through silk-screen printing and embossing techniques that give your product an edge over the competition. Laser Etched tops offer incredible detail to help your product stand out!

Amcor IMPRESSIONS technology (shown below) enables brands to customize liners for more customer engagement! Get your QR code, logo or message added to the liner of your STELVIN cap! Call for information on this new technology, or any of the many STELVIN brand capsule customization options.

Want to make a statement with Texture?  Try SHAPE ART by STELVIN shape art textured caps are shown in 3 colors.  With 5 simple steps you can create your own custom textured capsule or add stock textures to your custom or stock color for an immediate upgrade on the shelf.

Want a color we do not stock?  We can help you make a custom color to match your label or brand!  This process is easy – click HERE to take a look!

decorated capsule liners

* All custom orders have minimum order requirements. Costs may include set up fees, and customization may result in longer turn-around time.

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