Bottle Sleeving

Dress your bottles for success with our Bottle Sleeving service option. Our Faster Sleeving will create a shelf-worthy custom product that will heighten the presentation of your bottles while saving you money!

Shrink sleeve labels cover a container from neck to bottom with 360 degree graphics, text, and colors. This attractive form of labeling provides shelf appeal and brand awareness, and also helps prevent scratching or scuffing, which is why they are so popular in the market today. 

With our steam tunnel sleeving process, your custom sleeves are carefully steamed to fit the contour of the bottles you purchase through Waterloo Container while our quality supervisors ensure a great looking final product.  

After sleeving, our repack team will carefully place the sleeved bottles back into divided cartons to get them on their way to you.

Scheduling is determined at time of order.

**Sleeves must be procured by customer and pre-tested here on our tunnel to ensure they meet our quality standards and are compatible with our process.

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