Waterloo Container takes pride in being your one stop shop for creative wine, spirit and craft beverage packaging solutions.  We are able to help you connect with the best products in the industry because we have established valuable relationships with reputable and reliable vendors.

Ardagh Group

With over 125 years of wine industry experience and more than 23,000 employees and 109 production facilities in 22 countries, Ardagh Group is an industry leader offering quality containers, packaging design and a commitment to raw material reduction and energy saving initiatives. Ardagh Glass factories produce a wide selection of premium glass wine bottles in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors available through Waterloo Container.

Ardagh Group is the leading glass packaging supplier of food, spirits and wine bottles in North America, and the largest producer of glass wine bottles made 100% in the United States. Domestic jobs are of the utmost importance to Waterloo Container, and this is one of the reasons we choose to source the vast majority of our stock glass through our partnership with Ardagh Group. Check out how the glass is made here.

Waterloo Container currently stocks over 170 different glass bottle options made by Ardagh Glass. Get yours today by calling 315-539-3922!


AMCOR is a global leader in the packaging industry with over 30,000 employees and 195 manufacturing sites worldwde. Their Flexibles division is the home to STELVIN® brand closures which are the gold standard in the aluminum screw cap industry. Using sustainable practices in ISO and EcoVadis certified plants, Amcor Flexibles also creates many other reliable bottle closure options including Softguard and Rolltop brand capsules and Luxprem polylaminate sparkling hoods. Customization, including embossing, color match and laser etching are available!

Waterloo Container currently stocks more than 40 configurations (liner and color) of Amcor STELVIN® capsules, ready to ship to you. This includes our own unique Waterloo Brights collection!
STELVIN® is the original wine aluminum closure developed more than 50 years ago. Since then, winemakers and consumers worldwide have appreciated the benefits including:

  • absence of TCA
  • consistent taste
  • preserved flavor and freshness
  • convenience (easy to open & close, store & ship)
  • superior decoration capabilities
  • recyclable

Vinventions / Nomacorc
Vinventions’ “House of 7 brands” includes a portfolio of seven product and services brands designed to serve still and sparkling wine producers across five continents.  Vinventions global numbers include 7 facilities in 7 countries including the United States, and over 550 employees and 8000 customers worldwide.

Waterloo container is proud to partner with Vinventions to offer Nomacorc brand plant-based products.  The Nomacorc Green Line closures are made from materials derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcane based raw materials.  These closures boast such performance highlights as wine preservation up to 25 years, being TCA free, and offering consistent and controlled oxygen ingress. 

“Nomacorc Green Line closures are recyclable and have the lowest carbon footprint of any closure offered in the wine industry today”


“Verallia, the leading global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, has 33 manufacturing plants and 3 decorations plants all over Europe and South America. With its constant focus on quality and manufacturing excellence, Verallia has implemented best practices at all its manufacturing facilities to provide a wide range spanning from 50ml to 15L bottles of premium glass available through Waterloo Container.”

Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass is a manufacturer of specialty glass
offering a wide range of premium and mid-market liquor bottles in 50ml to 1.75L
capacities.  Piramal glass recently moved to new manufacturing facilities which
can produce clearer flint specialty bottles using sustainable practices, and
the company is ISO 14001 certified. 

PG is very modern in their environmental standards
and practice. Their furnaces are designed to create better efficiency and
minimum emissions and glass recycling also helps them in saving energy as
cullet melts at a lower temperature than raw materials. They have world-class
in-house bottle and mould design capabilities, and dedicated facilities for
premium glass decoration solutions such as printing, hot-foil stamping,
coating, frosting, decal, fitment gluing, and metallization.




M. A. Silva USA was established in 2000 by cork industry experts, Neil Foster and Manuel Alves
Silva Sr., founder of M. A. Silva Portugal, a family-owned and operated company
with a 50-year history of wine cork manufacturing. These two leaders identified
winemakers’ need for a clean, reliable source for corks. Together they acted on
their vision to deliver a dependable, vertically integrated and consistent
supply of wine corks to the North American wine industry, meeting and exceeding
their customers’ expectations.

Rooted in sustainable practices, all M. A. Silva corks are 100% natural,
100% ecological, 100% biodegradable, 100% reusable, and 100% recyclable.
Cork is an inherently sustainable resource, both renewable and biodegradable.

A full range of M. A. Silva cork products are available to
Waterloo Container customers, from visually perfect ultra-premium grades to
value-priced natural corks. Commonly used corks are stocked in the medium wash.
We can expedite non-stock orders directly from the factory. We also offer
custom engraving on the corks, so add a logo, picture or authentication number!
Custom sizes and washes are available.

90% of consumers around the world, on average, prefer cork and associate
it with a wine of quality and elegance.

« MA Silva Natural Cork


Founded in 1870 by the Amorim family, the company has grown to become the largest producer of natural cork wine cork closures in the world. With over 5.2 billion corks sold annually in more than 37 countries, Amorim corks are the gold standard for quality and performance. The company maintains absolute control over every aspect of manufacturing through vertical integration. Amorim Cork America is the North American sales and distribution center located in Napa, California. We provide top notch solutions that guarantee a customized approach tailored to each client’s needs. Amorim Cork America’s sales and management team provides expert knowledge to winemakers, technical support, quality assurance managers and wine marketers in all facets of wine cork closures.


Saverglass, an international group specializing in the production and decoration of high-end glass bottles, employs 3,400 staff globally. The Saverglass group has five glassmaking and four decoration sites globally.  Saverglass is renowned for its innovative approach, high-quality products and designs with a focus on premium and super premium spirit glass, fine wines, champagnes and sparkling wines.

Novatwist Closures

Novatwist closures are produced in France by SolocapMab, a division of Maison Mēlan Moutet founded in 1880. This family owned company specializes in production of caps, corks and food packaging for water, fruit juice, milk, still wine, Champagne and sparkling wine markets. The company has its origins in tradition, innovation and high-quality products. The Novatwist production facility is equipped with the latest technology for audit criteria during the manufacturing process. Full statutory certification requirements for packaging are maintained including CECA-SYSTECODE-FDA/IMS. The dedication to excellence at SolocapMab is shared by all employees who are trained and encouraged to show their skills and creativity.

          First introduced in North America in 2005, Novatwist is now in use for still wine, spring water, olive oil and other liquid packaging solutions by hundreds of large and small producers and home wine makers. With the appointment of Waterloo Container Company as an authorized distributor Novatwist will now be available to an even wider range of customers.
          “The attention to customer service by Waterloo Container  reflects the philosophy of Maison Mēlan Moutet, to meet the individual demand of each of our customers.” – Marc Kauufman, Wine Project Management, Certified Sommelier 

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