Wine Spectator showcases Star Trek line featuring Waterloo Container Bottle

Posted: Aug 01, 2019
Did you know Jean Luc Picard was back at the family winery? Wines That Rock recently debuted a Star Treck Federation themed Special Reserve Zinfandel in Waterloo Container’s New Yorker Bottle.Spencer Brewer, COO of Wines that Rock stated: 

“For making the Zin, Brewer also had a vision: “If you’re going to go to a Federation dinner or a representative meeting of all the planets 200 years in the future, what would people be proud of to serve on the table?” he explained, ultimately deciding it would be a three-vineyard Dry Creek Valley old-vine blend. The bottle, a tapered cuboid that stands two inches taller than its Bordeaux counterpart, had to be filled and corked by hand, as 21st-century technology has not produced a bottling line advanced enough to process it. That wine hasn’t gotten any screen time—yet. Picard is still filming, and, Brewer told us, the series prop director has a few bottles to use on set. As the good captain himself once said, things are only impossible until they’re not. 

Take a peek at the promotional video fueling the hype! 
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