Santa Cruz winemakers face a bottled-up glass supply

“The stresses of the world might have pushed more of us to turn to the solace of a glass of wine at the end of the day — but now, international upheaval could make that small pleasure more expensive. A glass shortage that began in the early days of COVID continues to fracture business for local wineries, which are struggling to find wine bottles and frustrated by delayed orders and bottle prices that have doubled or tripled since the pandemic began. “I’m ready to throw my hands in the air,” winemaker Megan Bell, owner of Santa Cruz Mountains-based Margins Wine, says after two years of searching for affordable wine bottles for her small winery. Two years ago, the price for the flint, or clear, wine bottles she uses came in at about $6 for a case of 12 bottles; now, it’s $15 to $16 a case. The case price for dark green Burgundy-style bottles, typically used for red wines, has risen from $7 to $19.”..


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