Waterloo Container Bottle featured in Wine Business Monthly

Posted: Jun 11, 2020

Sparkling Wine Served in an Iconic Bottle – Waterloo Container

Waterloo Container developed the 375ml Sparkling Wine “twist and go” mold in response to specific requests from its customers at the same time news of growth in sparkling beverages and in small-format packaging domi-nated headlines. Having a pressure-rated (3 volumes of carbonation), small-format wine bottle allowed Waterloo and its customers to establish a presence in large grocery and convenience markets. Wineries found that a half-bottle, “personal”-sized container in sustainable, recyclable glass checked many marketing boxes. The convenient crown twist finish is uniquely suited to the “mini” market and allows easy opening for consumers—no corkscrew or opener necessary. There is a helpful label panel on the 8.6-inch high bottle for paper labeling, but the bottle can be sleeved as well. The bottle is manufactured in the United States.

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