Burgundy, Bordeaux or Hock?

A Bordeaux bottle (Our W5) has pronounced shoulders at the bottom of the neck. Also referred to as "claret" style, this bottle is the most widely used wine bottle shape today.  This style is used for reds, red blends and pinot grigio, and may or may not have a punted bottom.

A Burgundy style (Our W6) has a less pronounced shoulder to it. The body is typically a little wider than the bordeaux style.  Typically used for wines such as pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay and many rose wines.

A Hock style, (Our W13 or W82) is usually long and thin, with the neck gradually sloping into the the body.  This style can also be referred to as mosel, as it originated in the Mosel region of Germany or the Alsace region of France.   Riesling's and dessert wines are typically bottled in this shape.

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