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Waterloo Container takes pride in providing customers with the best possible experience and packaging solutions.

Check out these helpful educational articles and blogs to learn more about the elements of a great package.

Label Basics

Label Basics Are you ready to create a great looking label?  When you get out your box of crayons, you need to keep in mind

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Bubbly Basics!

Bubbly Basics A myriad of fizzy drinks have become accessible and affordable champagne alternatives for at home celebrations and now compete for space on store

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Cork, Naturally

Cork… Naturally! The inherent qualities of natural cork make it the most familiar and popular choice of closure for today’s winemakers. Recent studies suggest that

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Eco Series

Eco Series Our suppliers have a commitment to sustainability, which motivates them to develop effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the environment. The

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Why Glass?

Why Glass? Glass packaging protects its content and enhances a brand’s appeal. Glass does not alter or change the taste of the contents in the

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What is Repack?

What is Repack? Waterloo Container offers on-site repack service. Repack is one of the many helpful services we offer to enhance or customize your packaging options. This means

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