STELVIN® Lux capsules are an elegant alternative with smooth appearance resembling traditional overcaps. No visible threads and knurling, preserving an unrivaled decorative surface

Black flat STELVIN® LUX capsules with Saranex liner ( Item# 5003415S)  are In-Stock
Black flat STELVIN® LUX capsules with Sarantin liner ( Item# 5003412S)  are In-Stock 

(other colors available to order)

STELVIN® closures can be customized with side and top printing, laser etching and embossing!

*For use on Glass with BVS (1680) bottle finish.
STELVIN® Lux capsules require specific capping head equipment designed for this product.

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Product Info

  • WC Item # : 5003412S
  • Height : 60mm
  • Width Base : 30mm
  • Unit Pack Size : 1350 caps

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